her dress changes color to that of your blog

this is lovely

she has a snowflake patterned dress this is great

Load it up
Light it up
Roll, Roll, Roll
Inhale slow slow slow
And take me away

Pablo: weres my phone
Me: in you’re hand
Pablo no it’s not (looks down) ohh shit it is

62850) This blog makes me feel like I’m not in the darkness- like, now I know that there are other people just like me, thank you so much.

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I think i come out prettier than i am in pictures so if i ever come up missing im fucked :/

Like this post
Goodbye Chode ill see you soon
Going to stop smokin„ so imma let my homegirl take care of you:(

Its hurts so much when you’re mom say “why cant you just be happy”
Im sorry it’s not that easy

i have this really unattractive thing on my face called my face

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Mom: Are you crazy
Me: (shakes head) yahh
Mom: i dont know why i ask i know you are